The Percent Perfect Methodology® helps to achieve rapid and sustained results in operating efficiency and manufacturing profitability. It is founded in the core principles of Continuous Improvement including Lean Six Sigma, TPM, and others applied by the world’s most successful manufacturing organizations.

This methodology delivers the following benefits:

  • Rapidly increase profitability and the value of your business by reducing bottom-line operating costs
  • Quickly increase operating efficiency and customer service levels by systematically driving out the greatest losses
  • Focus your organization on the few critical areas needed to achieve Operational Excellence by applying Pareto’s Law to the drivers of efficiency loss
  • Develop your workforce to see and eliminate efficiency losses for sustained results
  • Initiate or compliment your Lean Six Sigma Implementation efforts

The Percent Perfect Methodology®

Manuficient Methodology1.1

The Percent Perfect Methodology® is made up of four phases that can be executed relatively quickly…

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