Executive Lean Coaching

Calvin L Williams

Just about every company now realizes that they should be doing some form of Lean or Continuous Improvement. The challenge is getting a few things right based on your specific business circumstances:

  1. Clarifying the role of leadership in fostering a Lean culture
  2. Deciding what mix of Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, or other methodologies are optimal for your business
  3. Determining those first (or next) critical steps to driving the type of culture and results that the organization is seeking
  4. Shaping the long-term Lean Vision for the organization

These are a few of the challenges that leaders of organizations embarking on their Lean journey need clarity. Calvin draws on his life experience as a Continuous Improvement professional and division 1 athlete to help leaders to find the answers by applying a proven methodology for getting results. This approach includes deep internal and external bench-marking, challenging leadership teams to become clear on objectives and priorities, gaining personal commitment to leading transformation, then instituting accountability measures to ensure that the right capabilities are developed and habits are formed.