About Calvin

How do you measure manufacturing productivity? If your answer is anything besides OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), there’s a good chance I can help you reduce operating costs as much as 30%.

I apply a proprietary technology that quickly identifies millions in year-over-year cost savings for manufacturing companies, most of which were opportunities that the client has no idea exists. Then I work with those manufactures on all levels to develop and implement tailored solutions for capturing the savings. To-date, I’ve led initiatives to generate over $2.6B in cost savings.

My ideal client is a manufacturing executive or leader who is looking to dramatically reduce operating cost and currently generates between $50 and $500M in annual revenue.

Contact me immediately at admin@manuficient.com if you or someone you know fits this profile.

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Best Regards,
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Calvin L. Williams, MBA, BSIE, CLSS
Continuous Improvement Strategist



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