The fOS is the New North Star for Continuous Improvement Programs Around the World

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The fOS, or the Factory Operating System, is a game changer for manufacturers and the Continuous Improvement movement. It is a powerfully disruptive technology and is a wake-up call for many who believe they are running a World-Class operation. The truth is that a vast majority of manufacturers, including those who believe they have “implemented Lean”, are less than 60% as efficient as they could be. Prior to the fOS, anyone could say they were World-Class because there was no truly objective way to measure performance across various factories and industries. Those days are over – and so are the days of using productivity and efficiency as a vanity metric. There are any number of ways to measure productivity; and due to this un-standardization, manufacturers all over the world have chosen different measures. This creates 2 problems: 1) It’s very difficult to measure one factory against another and 2) it’s easy to omit efficiency losses to avoid dealing with difficult issues. As a result, performance and efficiency often gets deprioritized behind more pressing crisis. The fOS solves these problems by measuring manufacturers against perfection, ie, absolute-zero efficiency losses. This provides manufacturing leaders with a compass, or North Star, for where they are in their journey to Operational Perfection. It also lends itself to the actions needed to make significant progress in the journey, especially when coupled with the Percent Perfect Methodology®

What is the fOS? It is a cloud-based Continuous Performance Improvement (CI) system leveraged on the power of OEE, the global benchmark in managing manufacturing productivity. No matter where you are in your CI journey, the fOS will make you better – faster. It is a private system that only allows people within the same company to view, add, edit, or delete performance data unless special permissions are provided. The fOS is loaded with features to cultivate a professional sports-like environment regarding manufacturing performance. This includes:

  • Success Stories – When someone sets a Personal Record, Raises the Bar (outperforms the standard), or achieves a Record Breaking Week, this achievement gets broadcast automatically across your network. Other users can easily give “Hi 5s” and recognize their outstanding results.
  • Efficiency Rankings – Top performers, or those operators, supervisors, and managers, who achieve the highest efficiencies are recognized daily. All others on the chain of command are also ranked based on their performance numbers. For example, if there are 50 people in your ops team, you might be ranked anywhere from 1 to 50 in your network. The question becomes: what can you do to become number 1?
  • Better Everyday Wall – This is sort of like a Linkedin or Facebook wall (or ESPN News feed) except the site automatically and exclusively publishes Success Stories there. Then people can recognize, comment and collaborate on how to drive organization-wide excellence.

The fOS is loaded with features that make capturing data, calculating efficiency, and reporting performance a piece of cake, minimizing the burden of using this super-powerful Continuous Improvement system. Another ground-breaking feature is that it automatically sets and updates production standards based on the maximum demonstrated historical run rate. The standard is adjusted every time someone Raises the Bar. This automates a task that could otherwise take an Industrial Engineer months to complete. Yet another invaluable feature is that it allows users to calculate the savings opportunity on a line, team, shift, or product in one click for the selected date range. Again, automating something that usually takes quite a while to determine. It’s an all-around phenomenal tool with beyond bank-level security to keep your data safe and private. Additionally, very little, if any, confidential data is even required to use the system to begin with.

Every manufacturer on the planet and their suppliers should be using this system. Then start receiving automated reports everyday showing exactly where you are in your journey to Operational Perfection.

Click here to have us setup your user accounts and get it rolling for you today.

Check out the fOS Videos link for more information.

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