Hello and welcome to the Calvin L Williams blog, aptly named so at least I won’t forget it.

Thanks for taking the time to read as I share my experiences, learning, and thought process as I work to positively impact the world. My personal mission is to drive economic growth and prosperity to those I serve by applying leading edge practices for efficiency and productivity.

I am a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, and Lean Coach with a specialization in Lean and Continuous Improvement. This blog is intended as a channel of communication for current and future clients and anyone else interested in following me throughout my journey as a man working to make a difference in people’s lives.

I am a natural born change agent who thrives on solving problems of any complexity. It is my personal and professional philosophy that any challenge can be overcome by engaging the right stakeholders, driving to the root of the issue, and developing winning solutions…then taking careful but deliberate action.

I also make it a principle to stay abreast of industry trends and emerging patterns, latest developments in technology, and best-practices for driving performance. Additionally, in practice of what I preach, I strive to continuously improve my own methodologies and approaches for getting results.

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